The question is not whether or not you should buy gold and silver, but where are you going to buy it?

The simple truth is that successful people own precious metals.  People that think they can not afford gold or silver, do not realize that they can not afford NOT to.

While no one can guarantee precious metal prices, it is common knowledge among investors that the normal price of gold is 16 times that of silver. If it were not for illegal government intervention, silver would be over $100 per ounce right now.

Throughout history, the price of gold and silver has remained constant in relation to what goods an ounce of either will buy. It is common to hear of precious metals being a hedge against inflation.  Fraud is so rampant in gold and silver holdings, that it is believed by experts that as much as 75% of precious metals holdings do not even exist.  The government is afraid that if people find out their investments are backed by zero holding, there will be a massive run on the banks.  Of course, there will be anyway and a bank is the very worst place on earth to hold money.  There certainly are not many investments that pay as poorly as a bank. I know a girl that traded her $10,000 CD at the bank for silver rounds and made more profit in the first 3 days than the bank paid her in an entire year. 

While prices go up and down, silver will continue to significantly raise in value every 6 months or so. You will always be safe with silver because when the United States currency becomes so worthless that it takes a wheelbarrow full of paper cash to buy a loaf of bread, you will have a way to buy bread for the same price as it was 100 years ago by paying with silver.

President Obama is doing his best to destroy jobs, businesses, and the value of American money. He promised before being elected that energy prices would skyrocket and our gas prices would be similar to prices in Europe.

There probably is not a better investment than silver for the average person available. By investing in silver, you can protect yourself against the devil worshipers in Washington that stole the money from your 401k. You can rest assured that while thousands of people will be homeless and hungry, you can watch them kill each other on TV with the satisfaction of knowing that your needs will be met just fine.

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